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Elsewhere, Goldbug is overseeing a project of his own. Having played off of the mentally erratic scientist Wheeljack 's ego, he has convinced his fellow Autobot to construct an ambitious stellar spanner with the help of Side Burn . Though Wheeljack is madly certain of the accuracy of his calculations, the probability of error given to Goldbug leaves something to be desired. Suggesting that Side Burn take the first trip (in the name of science), Goldbug's scheming is outmaneuvered by the slippery Autobot's reminder that he will be needed to fix the device in the event of failure, and Side Burn's subsequent suggestion that they send a Scrounge in his stead. This makes Goldbug exceedingly nervous, as he does not wish to alert Rodimus to the Spanner's existence.

Various - Frequency Blitz 5Various - Frequency Blitz 5Various - Frequency Blitz 5Various - Frequency Blitz 5