Mcrackins - eggzit

With sporadic touring throughout their native Canada and the US up until that point, 1996 saw the band take their live show to Europe. Dubbed the European Eggvasion, the McRackins toured seven countries as well as recording some live electric and acoustic sessions for the BBC. The band has made several music videos, which have received light to medium rotation on music channels in Canada, the US, and Europe. Further media exposure includes an appearance in a Molson Canadian beer television commercial, a cameo role in an independently produced motion picture titled Downhill Willy , and various television and radio features.

You can catch Stuart on the other side of the glass playing in a couple punk rock bands named Daggermouth , and Youth Decay .

McRackins - EggzitMcRackins - EggzitMcRackins - Eggzit