Muddy waters - the blues man

It was all supposed to be disposable. Just noise on a shellac disc. And here we are in the 21st century still trying to figure out how such a simple art form could be so complicated and subtle. It's still firing brain synapses around the world. You've got the Japanese Muddy Waters Society corresponding with fans in Sweden and England, and his music can still propel a party in the . He made three chords sound deep, and they are.

Since his death, Waters's contribution to the music world has continued to gain recognition. In 1987, Waters was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Five years later, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences awarded the musician a Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award. Additionally, some of the most recognizable names in music have named Muddy Waters as their single-greatest influence, including Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Johnny Winter.

He was a nice guy. He big and tall – big, tall guy. He weighed about 300-and-some pounds, and he stood about 6 ’5″ or something like that. He was a big, huge guy, like Willie Dixon. And I think Crawford was a little taller than Dixon was. He was very tall – big guy, man.

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M usicians liked Waters, who had a roving eye for female fans. Yet he was a curious mix of a tough old blues man who followed the White Sox baseball team passionately yet would sometimes sit watching games in his silk underwear and hair curlers. 

The Best of Muddy Waters is a 1958 greatest hits album by Muddy Waters released by Chess Records in April 1958. With the increasing popularity of 33 1/3 rpm recordings (commonly called LPs ), Chess Records started releasing its first LPs in 1958. [4] The Best of Muddy Waters (released sometime in April 1958 according to Billboard magazine ) was the third LP that Chess released. [1] The album was re-released in CD format in 1997 by Chess and MCA Records .

Muddy Waters - The Blues ManMuddy Waters - The Blues ManMuddy Waters - The Blues ManMuddy Waters - The Blues Man