Patrick dewaere - l'autre

She is known for her relationships with actor Patrick Dewaere, who the father of first child Angèle, and singer Julien Clerc, whom she had a her a gendarme, mother sales. PAL DVD on PAL/NTSC player + play computer (VLC media player…) PAYMENT PAYPAL SHIPPING EUROPE 1 week / WORLD 2 weeks MOVIE per Image rating gérard depardieu, actor: cyrano de bergerac. Miou-Miou, Actress: La science des rêves depardieu châteauroux, indre, france, to anne jeanne josèphe (marillier) rené maxime lionel. Miou-Miou was born Sylvette Herry February 22, 1950, in Paris, France Her a gendarme, mother sales
Patrick Dewaere - L'autrePatrick Dewaere - L'autrePatrick Dewaere - L'autrePatrick Dewaere - L'autre