Ella andall - miss ella: bring down the power volume 1

Note: In T&T, government-mandated public holidays occupy only a small part of the national calendar. Carnival, for example, is not technically a public holiday – but it is a time when it is naive to expect to find anyone working (unless they are working in Carnival). Similarly, other festivals of note may not be officially attached to a national holiday, but an understanding of the events of importance to an individual or community is a step toward knowing the days they are likely to take off during the year.

Passed away peacefully at Huntsville District Memorial Hospital on Tuesday November 28, 2017. MaryAnn Fewer (nee Cousins) of Huntsville in her 72nd year. Cherished wife for 18 years of Tom. Married June 30, 1999 in Georgetown, Ontairo.
Beloved Mom of Marie (Paul), Todd (Lia), Doug (Debbie). Loving grandmother Tom & Eva, Stephen & Tanya, Benjamin & Shelby, Michael, Heather & Kai, Taylor, Tyler and Nicole. Great grandmother of Lara, Zariya, Tru, Selena, Jordan, Trini, Sammy and Xavier.  Dear sister of Bill (Janet), Judy (Merv), Becky, Kevin, Steven and Roger. Fondly remembered by her many relatives and friends.
A Memorial Service will be held at the Billingsley Funeral Home, 430 Ravenscliffe Road, Huntsville on Friday December 1, 2017 at 11:00 . The Venerable Dawn Henderson officiating. Reception to follow at the funeral home.
In lieu of flowers a Memorial Gift to the Hospice Huntsville ‘The Grace’ would be appreciated by the family.
Special thanks to Dr. Debbie Harrold, Dr. Roy Kirkpatrick and the incredible nursing staff at the Huntsville District Memorial Hospital.

Story by Dufus. Starring Frankie Sandford, Daisy Evans, Hannah Richings, Stacey Mclean and Rochelle Wiseman.(Guest star – Tina Barratt) The S Club Juniors had been called to an urgent meeting with their management team. The eight members turned up andall … Continue reading →

Ramleela is a nine-day, outdoor festival dramatising the life of Rama, with colourful costumes … and an explosive finale! The best-known productions are held in Couva and Felicity. Soon after, Hindus honour Mother Lakshmi — goddess of light, beauty, riches and love — and commemorate the return of Lord Rama from exile. The beautiful flickering deyas, which are lit across the country by Hindus and non-Hindus alike for Divali (a public holiday) , illuminate his path. Though dates are set according to the moon, celebrations are expected to take place in October for 2017. Many events are held at the Divali Nagar site near Chaguanas.

5Star Akil - Hero
5Star Akil - Go Go Dancer (Sun Blast Riddim)
5Star Akil - Too Lit (Ray Ban Riddim)
5Star Akil - True Feter (Platinum Strings Riddim)
5Star Akil - Find Yuh Way
Aaron Duncan - Born Ready
Adana - Doh Tote
Ainsley King - On A Mission
Ainsley King - Lockdown
Ainsley King - No Rules
Allstar Perks - Piece Ah Ting
Alternative Quartet - Drift Away (Platinum Strings Riddim)
Alison Hinds ft. Ziah - Fete Chaser
Amptone - In The Middle
Angela Hunte - Big Drum Beat
Angela Hunte - Love Me Some Him
Angela Hunte - Make Me Go
Asten Isaac - Meet Yuh Family (Nostalgia Riddim)
Asten Isaac - Rum Friend (Rankin Ting Riddim)
Asten Isaac - Count Me In (YUMA D'Origins Riddim)
Asten Isaac - Doh Hurt Ya Head
Bad Royale ft. Flipo - Fly to New York (We're All We Need)
Bad Royale ft. Hashim & Darnella - Company
Bay C - Snake Charmer (Egyptolic Riddim)
Benjai - Feel It
Benjai - Pee Down She Self
Benjai - Socavivor
Benjai - Whole Night (Island Lime Riddim)
Benz - Come Join Me (Daydream Riddim)
Blackie - Bend Yuh Back
Blackie - Those Macos
Blackie feat. Ezekiel Majik - Carnival Again
Blaxx - Ready Now (Faze 3 Riddim)
Blaxx - Golden Days (Nostalgia Riddim)
Blaxx - Life Over Death
Blaxx - Rankin Ting (Rankin Ting Riddim)
Blaxx - Practice (D' Avenue Riddim)
Blaxx - We D Baddest Bad (YUMA D'Origins Riddim)
Blaxx - Release (New Orleans Riddim)
Blaxx - Keep It Pumpin
BLAKGOLD x Olatunji - Floor Tom
Bud Ramsay - Show Dem De Magic
Bud Ramsay feat. Tricia Hamilton - Girl Like You
Bunji Garlin - 1995
Bunji Garlin - Big Bad Soca
Bunji Garlin - Blockin Up D Road (4am Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Bruk Out (Marli Wood Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Good Up (Get On Riddim)
Bunji Garlin - Reload (Stag Riddim IV)
Bunji Garlin - Road Bunx
Bunji Garlin - . (The Insomnia Saga)
Bunji Garlin - Whine Up Your Body
Bunji Garlin & Revelation - No Gal (Egyptolic Riddim)
Bunji Garlin x 1st Klase - Dance In Paint
Bunji Garlin x Kardinal Offishall x Verse Simmonds - Jiggle It
Busy Signal - Go Again ( Riddim)
Cali Biggs - Badang (We Jouvert Riddim)
Cassi - Break Record
Cassi - To The Road
Calypso Rose - Abatina
Calypso Rose ft. Manu Chao & Machel Montano - Leave Me Alone (Kubiyashi Remix)
Chalmer John - Get On (Get On Riddim)
Charly Black & Machel Montano - VIP Girl
Chingee - Welcome To Carnival
Chris Garcia - I Like Mehself
Chris Garcia- Take
Chuck Gordon - Doh Let Go
Chuck Gordon - When Last (Nostalgia Riddim)
College Boy Jesse - Dangerous (Reborn Riddim)
Collis Duranty - Kang Kang Katang (Howdy Riddim)
Crazy - Oh God Oh God
Crazy - Rock Back & Roll It
Crazy - Selfie
Crazy - Whine If Yuh Whinning (Howdy Riddim)
Danielle Veira - Feeling (Vibration Riddim)
D'Natural - Countryman (Wet Man Riddim)
Dale Ryan - Last One
Denice Millien - Give Yuh Melodies (Platinum Strings Riddim)
Denise Belfon - Teacher (Calabar Riddim)
Denice Millien feat. Dale Ryan - Me & You
Derrick Seales- Woman Is Boss
Destra Garcia - Closer
Destra Garcia - Destra VS Lucy
Destra Garcia - Runroad
Destra Garcia - Waistline Killer (Bashey Vybz Riddim)
Dev - This Gyul (Island Lime Riddim)
Devon Matthews - Ben Up (Koko Sek Riddim)
Devon Matthews - No Feelings
Devon Matthews & Ella Andall - D Journey (Make It)
Dloxx & Machel Montano - Take It Down
DVibez - Drones
Eddie Charles - Anything Could Happen When Ah Drinking
Empire Jason - Tip Pon Yuh Toes ( Riddim)
Erphaan Alves - Cyah Wait
Erphaan Alves - Do It For Them
Erphaan Alves - Doh Hold It Back (Sun Blast Riddim)
Erphaan Alves x Orlando Octave - Truck Back
Explainer - Soca Identity (The Showcase Riddim)
Face - Do D Wuk
Fadda Moses - Gimme Some Ah Dat
Farmer Nappy - Abundance
Farmer Nappy - X Man
Farmer Nappy x Destra Garcia - Technically
Fay-Ann Lyons - Hold Something
Fay-Ann Lyons - Girls
Fay-Ann Lyons x Buffy - Buff (Egyptolic Riddim)
Fay-Ann Lyons - High Heals (Get On Riddim)
Fay-Ann Lyons - More Then Dem (Marli Wood Riddim)
Fay-Ann Lyons ft. Bunji Garlin & Joli Rouge Sound - Everybody Joli
Fede - Dippaz (Macajuel Riddim)
Flipo - Doh Panic
Flipo - Oh Mama
GBM Nutron - Calypso
GBM Nutron - Non Stop
GBM Nutron - Only Good Vibes (Vicey Riddim)
GBM Nutron - Rock You Out (Lip Service Riddim)
GBM Nutron x M1 - On D Inside (On D Inside Riddim)
Gemma - Touch Me (Sweet Bombay Riddim)
GDonV ft. Fire Links - Pro Wyner
General Grant - No Limit
Ghetto Flex - #Highments (Bell Down Riddim)
Gregory Ayuen - In De Party
Hilton aka Ghetto Flex - Fix It
Hashim - Going Down (Party Hard Riddim)
HITZ x Therapist Music - Can't Let You Get Away
Hypa 4000 - My Duty (Koko Sek Riddim)
Hypasounds - Get Up And Move (Bubble)
iTron - De Tribute (Jook & Jook) (The Waistline Riddim)
Impulse - Cobbler
Iwer George - For J'ouvert
Iwer George - Islands
Iwer George - Take Ah Bathe
Iwer George - Take Ah Bathe (Remix)
Iwer George - We Never Do
Jadel - Girls Night Out
Jadel - Take Control
Jadel - D Band
Jahmel - Messi (Bashey Vybz Riddim)
Jahmoun - Only You
Jaiga TC - Boss Man
Jaiga TC - Nah Leaving (Stag Riddim IV)
Jaiga TC - Living 4 Today
Jaiga TC - These Girls (Marli Wood Riddim)
Jason Benn - No Drama
Jaxx - Elements
Jerrisha Regis - Doh Touch Me
Johnny Boss - Carnival Different
John Oh (Mayaro ) - Rampage
Journei - Feeling Sexy
Julene John - Pride
Julien Believe - Don't Stop Wining For Me
JW and Blaze feat. Dane Gulston - Raggamuffin
Karella - Breakaway
Khiara Sherman - Til Ah Morning
Kenna T - Rehab
Kerlz - Breaking Chains
Kerlz - Own Way
Kernal Roberts x Devon Matthews - Victory
Kerry John - Make It Work (Bashey Vybz Riddim)
Kerry John - Drink King
Kerwin Du Bois - Diz Iz D Band
Kerwin Du Bois - Is We
Kerwin Du Bois - Misfits
Kerwin Du Bois - VIP (Vibration Riddim)
Kern Rose ft. Christian Ramirez - My Everything
Kes The Band - How We Like It (Vibration Riddim)
Kes The Band - Incredible
Kes The Band - Ramp Up
Kes The Band - Wine Up
Kes x Kernal Roberts - Shake
Kes x Nailah Blackman - Work Out
Keturah ft Kerry John - Rude Gyal
Keturah ft Kerry John - Rude Gyal
Kevin Dodds & 5Star Akil - Doh Blame It
Kerwin Du Bois x Skinny Fabulous - Deaf
Kerwin Du Bois x Teddyson John - New Day
KI - Wuk On Yuh (Stag Riddim IV)
KI & The Band - Millionaire (Kuchela Riddim)
KI & The Band feat. Tizzy - Fire
Kiko Dan - Distance
Kingrilla - Ya La La (Gimme Piece) (Calabar Riddim)
Kirton - Galavant Ting
KI feat. Shan - Rodney's Song (Aye Wanderer)
Keylow G - Shuv It
KMC - Representing
Konata - Wild Out
Konshens x Lyrikal - Elevate
- Feels Like Love (Lip Service Riddim)
- I Wish
- Rude
ft Jimmy October - Under Me
Kreesha Turner - I Will Be Here (Lip Service Riddim)
Krystal Khayne - Hold Meh
Kurt Allen - To Remember (Nostalgia Riddim)
Kyle ?KC? Cowie - Vybez Boss
Lady Aisha - Shopping Obeah
Lavaman - Favorite Mas (Faze 3 Riddim)
Lele - Nah
Leonce - Addicted (Island Lime Riddim)
Lexxi - Stamp Yuh Name
Lil' Bitts - Automatic
Linky - Control It
Logun - All Night Long
Logun - Open De Gate
Lord Nelson - Sugar Mammy (The Showcase Riddim)
Lyrikal - Carnival Memories
Lyrikal - Dedicated
Lyrikal - Hello (D' Avenue Riddim)
Lyrikal - Jammin Sake
Lyrikal - No Controversy (Stag Riddim IV)
Lyrikal - Picture Perfect (Breaking Dawn Riddim)
Lyrikal - Soca Fete (4am Riddim)
Lyrikal - Two Feet Away (Inflation Riddim)
M1 - Answers (Thanos Riddim)
M1 - First Time ( Riddim)
M1 - Jouvay (Macajuel Riddim)
M1 - No Violins (YUMA D'Origins Riddim)
M1 - Vicey (Vicey Riddim)
M1 (Menace) - Yuh See Dat (Platinum Strings Riddim)
M1 feat. Isasha - Doh Duck Yuh Gyal (New Orleans Riddim)
Machel Montano - Beat It
Machel Montano - Fast Wine
Machel Montano - Lip Service (Lip Service Riddim)
Machel Montano - Wake Up (V13 Riddim)
Machel Montano - Waves
Machel Montano - Your Time Now
Machel Montano x Bunji Garlin - Buss Head
Makamillion - Good (Bashey Vybz Riddim)
Malaika - Defiance
Marq Pierre - Feeling Happy (Stadic x Xpert)
Marvay - Vibrate (Vibration Riddim)
Marvay feat. Patrice Roberts - Know The Face (Remix)
Marzville & Problem Child - Tic Toc (Force It Riddim)
Mayaro - My Song
Mega Mick x Jaiga - Yes-Today
Mikey x Blood - Gal n Liquor (Faze 3 Riddim)
Miss Cali - Renman Li (Koko Sek Riddim)
Millionaire Family - Every Gyal Ah Whine (Howdy Riddim)
Milko - Carnival To Remember (On D Inside Riddim)
Moses Charles - Paradise
Motto ft. Lavaman, Hypa 4000 & Loose Cannon - Force It (Force It Riddim) (Force Remix)
Ms. Alysha - Bicycle (Egyptolic Riddim)
Ms. Alysha - Where I'm From
Mr. Bessor - Temporary Fix
Mr. Gwada Benz - Water Soaker
Mr. Killa - Bruk It Off (Thanos Riddim)
Mr. Killa - Gyal Scientist (Get On Riddim)
Mr. King - Legacy Music (The Showcase Riddim)
Mr. Legz - Bend Over (Force It Riddim)
Ms. Paige - All I Want Is You
Mr. Renzo - Challenge
Mr. Renzo X Kern Rose - Sit Dong
Mr. Smooth - Question
Mya feat. Uncle Ellis - Ray Tay Tay (Remix)
Mzz Muffin - Free Up
MzMuffin - Free Up
Nadia Batson - Anybody (Inflation Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Loyalist
Nadia Batson - Purpose (V13 Riddim)
Nadia Batson - Replace
Nadia Batson x Olatunji - Geelay
Natalia Wohler feat. Jadel - Like No Other
Naya George - Family
Naya George - Enjoy Life
Neniita x Pternsky - Soca Loca (Palante Pa'tras)
Nessa Preppy - Activate (Sun Blast Riddim)
Nikita - Treat You Right (Ray Ban Riddim)
Nishard M. - iDey
Nubiaan - More Than Gold
Olatunji - Ah Like It
Olatunji - BAZU! (Push It Back)
Olatunji - Long Overdue (Inflation Riddim)
Olatunji - Oh Meh Darlin (D' Avenue Riddim)
Olatunji - Tun Fo Meh
Olatunji - ZimBam (Koko Sek Riddim)
Olatunji x System32 - Midnight Cruise
Orlando Octave - Poverty Is Hell (Calabar Riddim)
Orlando Octave - Single
Osei The Seventh feat. Flipo - Take Blame
Patch - Carnival Birthday (Happy Birthday Carnival)
Patch - True Members
Patch - My Way
Patch - Bend Ova
Patrice Roberts - All As One (Force It Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Big Girl Now
Patrice Roberts - Comfort Me (The Sauce Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Lifestyle (Rose Gold Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Stank
Patrice Roberts - Tempo (Inflation Riddim)
Patrice Roberts - Who Am I (D' Avenue Riddim)
Pete Figaro - Levels (The Waistline Riddim)
Peter Levels - Keep On Jammin
Peter Ram - Trinidad Good Morning
Peter Ram x KI - Carnival Good Morning (Remix)
Polanca x Black Shadow - Bubble Up (Happy Days Riddim)
Pompey - Last Fete
Preedy - Heat In De Place (Sun Blast Riddim)
Preedy - When I Gone (Vibration Riddim)
Preedy - On The Low (Lip Service Riddim)
Preedy - Freeloader (D' Avenue Riddim)
Preedy - Outta This World
Prestan - Beat
Prince Pronto feat. Sekon Sta - Fuego
Problem Child - Chuppidy (Marli Wood Riddim)
Problem Child - Friend Ting (The Sauce Riddim)
Problem Child - Here We Go Again (Rose Gold Riddim)
Problem Child - That Work (Force It Riddim)
Prophet Benjamin - Baigan Choka (Mujhe De Doh Ladaka) (Kuchela Riddim)
Prophet Benjamin - Light My Fire (Calabar Riddim)
Pternsky - Calypso Gyal (Thanos Riddim)
Pternsky - Ready Now (Ray Ban Riddim)
Pternsky ft. London Future - Defend
Ravi B feat. Kerwin Du Bois - Days & Days
Rayzor - De Weekend
Rayza Saga - Activate Lyfe (V13 Riddim)
- Fete You
- Nobody Ready (Lip Service Riddim)
RemBunction - Rum and Calypso
Revelation - Barbeerian (4am Riddim)
Revelation - Gimme (Howdy Riddim)
Revelation - Tic-Tac-Toe (Thanos Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - Iron
Ricardo Drue - Learn To Wine (Inflation Riddim)
Ricardo Drue - Mr. Dutty (4am Riddim)
Ricardo Drue x Bunji Garlin - Damage
Rikki Jai - My Last
Rikki Jai - Party Animal
Rikki Jai - Carnival Arena
Rome - Looking For Wuk
Ronnie McIntosh - Fearless
Rupee x Black Shadow - Tipsy (Happy Days Riddim)
Rupee x Ricardo Drue - No Name
Salty & Preedy feat. Mega Mick - Bend Back (Lil Tommy Riddim)
Sally - Vikash
Sanell Dempster - Washa Woman
Sassy - Bad Influence
Savi Sav - Country Gyal (Kuchela Riddim)
Screws - Above (Macajuel Riddim)
Sean Caruth - Carnival Blues
Sekon Sta - Party Every Weekend (Sun Blast Riddim)
Sekon Sta - My Wish
Sekon Sta - Mad Man (D' Avenue Riddim)
Sekon Sta feat. Prince Pronto & Mega Mick - Jump Out (Lil Tommy Riddim)
Sekon Sta feat. SJC Voix Riches & Allia Lewis - Kings & Queens
Shal Marshall - Dip (Force It Riddim)
Shal Marshall - Famous (Vicey Riddim)
Shal Marshall - Middle
Shal Marshall - Please Don't Leave
Shan - Bad
Sasha Melody - Bring The Vibes
Shurwayne Winchester - All I Have Is You
Shurwayne Winchester - Doh Tell Me That
Shurwayne Winchester - Oxygen
Shurwayne Winchester - Right Away
Sizwe C - We Big (We Jouvert Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Don't Know Me Self (Koko Sek Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Center (Not Basic) (Macajuel Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - No Broughtupsy
Skinny Fabulous - Ride (The Waistline Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - We Dey (V13 Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous x Black Shadow - When The Lights Go Down (Happy Days Riddim)
Skinny Fabulous - Mash Up and Flat (Platinum Strings Riddim)
Slammer Cutter & Kelvin Noel - . (Highly Intoxicated)
Slammer Cutter & Kelvin Noel - Thank You Father
Slaughter - Bend Over (Thanos Riddim)
Snakey - Nice Toes
Starr - Music (New Orleans Riddim)
Starr George - Dis Is It (Black Morning Riddim)
Swappi - Backbone (Bashey Vybz Riddim)
Swappi - Grip One Foot (Howdy Riddim)
Swappi - Mama Ya Yo (Calabar Riddim)
Swappi - Ana
Swappi - Switch Up (Reborn Riddim)
Swappi - You Ma (YUMA D'Origins Riddim)
Swappi x Jus Now - Cooler, Cooler
Swappi x Makamillion - Buss Ah Wine (Thanos Riddim)
Syo - My Life
TakeOver - One Way Or Another
Tarrus Riley - Who Am I To You?
Teddyson John - Dreaming
TeeJay - Party Hard (Party Hard Riddim)
Tele Cruz - Calling
Terri Lyons - I Am Lion (Truck Stop Riddim)
Terri Lyons x Skinny Fabulous - Recruit
Terron - Callin Meh (Island Lime Riddim)
Tevin Hartman & Sekon Sta - Reflections
The Writer & GBM Nutron - Gold
Third Bass aka Trilo-G - D Ground
Third Bass aka Trilo-G - Take Over The Road (Frontline Riddim)
Tim Tim - Proper
Tim Tim - Unruly
Tizzy - Show Dem
Tizzy - Wake it Up
Tony Prescott - Gyal So Sweet
Troyton x Black Shadow - That's Wha Me Like (Happy Days Riddim)
T-Rock Again - Huntin
T-Rock Again - Leh We Go
Ultimate Rejects - Allstars Brass
Ultimate Rejects - Full Extreme
Ultimate Rejects ft. Flipo - Addiction
Ultimate Rejects feat. MX Prime - Life Good
Ultimate Rejects feat. MX Prime - Stage Gawd
Uncle Ellis - I Doh Mind
Various Artistes - . (The Insomnia Chronicles)
Voice - Outside (Vibration Riddim)
Voice - Far From Finished
Voice ft - Cheers To Life (Precision Remix)
Voice x Kerwin Du Bois - We Doh Play
Walshy Fire x Cutting Class x Flipo - Hearts In The Sand
Wettty - Hole in D Road
Wildfire - We Jouvert (We Jouvert Riddim)
WiLDFiRE feat. Mega Mick - Long Time (Lil Tommy Riddim)
Yankeyboy ft. Alison Hinds - Boat Rocking (Remix)
Young Devyn - Find Meh
Young Devyn ft. Preedy - Therapy
Zan - Remember
Zion - Cannot Stop Me
Ziggy Ranking - Leave
Zion x Swappi - Bazodee X2
Zuki & TimTim - To The Point (Bashey Vybz Riddim)

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Kavita Parmar from IOU Project was a first time participant in Innovation Inspiration, a special exhibition area featuring works by 30 artists who are reinterpreting time-honored materials and techniques into innovative works that express new meaning in the modern age. “I have had the opportunity as a designer to present my work in many shows and fairs around the globe including fashion capitals like Paris, New York, Florence, Milan etc. but I have never encountered such a strong sense of community and an incredibly beautiful empathy within the artisans, the clients and the many staff and volunteers of the IFAA. The client response I have had even after coming back from the show has reinforced my belief that the customer is looking for authenticity and a direct dialogue with the craftsperson and this is one of the answers to the future of a true luxury shopping experience. Carla Fernandez, from Mexico and also a first time participant, said that she was very surprised to encounter a spiritual experience sort of a boot camp of the positive, the possible and the future where sharing is the currency. She has been to many shows around the world just selling her products but this is the only time where she has felt a real support, a real sense of community. The show reaffirmed her belief that the future is handmade, that this is a possible and relevant future that can be a sustainable thriving business. She also said she encountered the real America, one that favors diversity and culture and a very different one from the one in the news.

Ella Andall - Miss Ella: Bring Down The Power Volume 1Ella Andall - Miss Ella: Bring Down The Power Volume 1Ella Andall - Miss Ella: Bring Down The Power Volume 1